Jordan Rae... (jrae06x) wrote in swartzcreekhigh,
Jordan Rae...

So we've hit the fifty mark on friends. To tell you the truth, i'm a little disappointed.

if you know someone in creek that also has a live journal, I hope that you would encourage them to join this little community.

I really expected more.

On a different note:

Its 2006. 2006. What a year. With many of us graduating and many more of us getting older and moving up on the class scale i just want everyone to reminisce some.

so as your moderator i would like you to do one thing:

Please Post your most embarrassing/funniest/saddest/anything about your Freshman year.

If your still a freshman you've got a hole semester behind you at our fine high school... so pick something from then.

Thanks for being awesome swartz creek.

until next time.
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